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Sonja Crisp

Sonja Crisp

Councillor - Holgate

I was elected as a Labour Councillor for Holgate Ward in 2007. I have lived in York for over 20 years with my husband Ian.

I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

I have a wealth of front line working experience in the public, voluntary and private sectors and have been employed in factories, restaurants, and offices.

During my time as a Councillor, I have been a part of a very productive and dedicated team of three Labour Councillors for Holgate Ward and am proud of the things we have been able to achieve for local residents.

  • We pledged to save Back Park from Lib Dem sell off for housing and we have done so.
  • We pledged to campaign for reopening of Acomb Police Station, we did so and it is now open for business once again.
  • We pledged to reinstate the need for School Crossing patrols for Poppleton Primary and St Paul's schools. We did so and there is an active recruitment campaign now ongoing.
  • We secured funding for Playbuilder schemes in Holgate to improve our playgrounds and the new playgrounds are now completed.

I have served as Chair, sit on several of the council committees and I am currently the Labour Spokesperson for Leisure Culture, Social Inclusion and Neighbourhood Management.

I am dedicated to Holgate residents and I wish to thank them for electing me in 2007 and I sincerely hope for the opportunity to continue to serve as one of their councillors.

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