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Linsay Cunningham-Cross

Linsay Cunningham-Cross

Councillor - Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without

I am a passionate advocate for young people, particularly girls and young women, and want to help provide a voice to speak their concerns to the Council. Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without has a population with the highest proportion of 0-9 year olds and second highest proportion of households with dependant children of all ages. Issues affecting children and young people are not just my personal priority but that of the many parents and carers living in the ward.

The cuts imposed by the Lib Dems and Conservatives in central government are already having a devastating impact on our community. We need to ensure that we maintain the highest level of services possible and do more to help those hardest hit by our current economic situation.

In York the Lib Dem and Conservatives are in coalition on the Council proposing yet more cuts to valuable services - enough is enough! We need to stand up and send a message that we want strong public services and Council representatives who listen to what their residents want. The only way to get rid of the Lib Dems and Conservatives is to vote Labour - and I want to be a part of delivering that change for local people.

One of the reasons I believe in the Labour Party is because I have seen over many years Labour politicians and activists who are totally dedicated to investing in young people, elderly people and everyone in between. The proposed cuts from the Lib Dems/Conservatives would be devastating for York.

I support the work of organisations such as Fairtrade and am a passionate recycler and advocate for sustainability and environmental protection. I am involved in the work of the churches in York and am a member of the congregations of St Paul's church in Holgate and St Helen's in the city centre, which now provides a base for the ministry of the York Chinese Church. I speak fluent Chinese and, through my involvement at St Helen's, have links with the Chinese community in York.

I am passionate about equality, solidarity and protecting the most vulnerable in our society. We need to work towards lessening the effects of public service cutbacks - shifting the Council's priorities back to those in our community who need our help the most.

Don't give in to the coalition cuts. York residents deserve better.

Let's invest for a brighter future and work together to deliver it.

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