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Ken King

Ken King

Councillor - Clifton

  • I have almost three decades experience on the Council, initially serving the old Bootham Ward, which is now part of Clifton Ward.
  • I have been the Labour spokesperson for both Social Inclusion and Youth, for Leisure and Culture, and for Neighbourhood Services.
  • I have sat on the Social Inclusion Working Group, the Young People's Working Panel and the Children's Services Advisory Panel in recent years.
  • I have also been involved with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, as well as various planning and licensing committees.
  • In Clifton ward, with my fellow councillors, I have always worked to ensure that residents are properly consulted about all planning and development e.g. I made sure that residents were properly consulted about the plan to build Arc Light, the shelter for the homeless.
  • I was Lord Mayor of York in 1996/97.
  • Back in the late 1980s, as chair of the Leisure committee, I was responsible for getting the Barbican Centre built.
  • I am married to Hilary, and have four daughters.
  • In my spare time I regularly play golf with Councillor David Horton, enjoy motoring and going on caravan holidays.

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