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Julie Gunnell

Julie Gunnell

Councillor - Micklegate

  • I have lived in the Micklegate Ward most of my adult life and was elected in 2007 as a councillor for Micklegate ward.
  • I am married with two children and I feel that I understand the changes, the issues and most importantly, the people of Micklegate Ward.
  • I value the importance of working within the local community. I have a track record of working with local resident associations, youth clubs, all of Micklegate local schools and the local sports clubs. Equally I have worked extremely hard in trying to reach other groups of people espectially the elderly residents of Micklegate.
  • The local economy and environment are crucial and they have also been high priorities of work for me as a local councillor of Micklegate.
  • Because of my passion and belief in the voluntary sector, I have undertaken voluntary work at the local Women's Prison and worked with various groups who work with the elderly, disabled people and also groups who focus on young people.
  • Currently I am a trustee of Playspace, the Management Committee of the Welfare Benefit Service and a Trustee of York City Charities. I am also involved with a new local environmental group based in Micklegate.
  • As a local Councillor I have always tried to keep an open mind and to be receptive to the views of others and I always try my best to represent all residents.

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