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James Alexander

James Alexander

Leader of the Labour Group

Councillor - Holgate

Personal Details

  • I was first elected as a councillor for Holgate in 2007. I was also Labour's candidate for York Outer at the 2010 general election. I was elected leader of the Labour group by my peers also in 2010. After leading my group to election victory in the 2011 local elections I became leader of the council.
  • In my time as a councillor I served on a number of committees, both as an ordinary member and as Chair. I served as Chair to the Children's Services, Licensing and Health Scrutiny committees. I also served at the city's Children and Young People's Champion in 2008, elected by the children and young people of York.
  • As a local Councillor, I do my best to stand up for local people, whether that was stopping the Council selling-off Back Park or making sure the streets are clean. I also enjoy representing the wider city interest at a more strategic level. My current portfolio includes economic development. Since becoming council leader I have ensured growing the economy and increasing job opportunities are top priorities for the council. My colleagues and I are ambitious about the city.
  • I studied Economic and Social History at the University of York, graduating with honours. I served as Students' Union President in 2004/5 and I have worked at York St John University as a project and outreach officer, encouraging people to go to university and improve their life chances whatever their background.
  • My politics comes from wanting to live in a society where a person's talents and hard work will determine where they get to in life.

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