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David Levene

David Levene

Councillor - Heslington

I've lived in York since 2007, moving here to study at the University. Since graduating I have looked to get more involved in the local community so I can put something back into the area that has done so much for me. I was born near Watford, I have two younger brothers and two older sisters, my dad is a plumber and my mum a teacher. I've lived all over the country, from inner city Bristol, to rural Cambridgeshire, and nowhere have I felt more at home than in this wonderful city.

On a city-wide basis, I want to see York become a greener, more prosperous and more enjoyable place to live - able to supply the jobs and homes York residents want, provide the transport and leisure facilities fit for a 21st century city, and retain the historic setting that make York so special.

For Heslington, my priorities include:

  • Dealing with traffic and parking problems
  • Improving cycling facilities and public transport provision
  • Ensuring that the long awaited swimming pool becomes a real community facility
  • Improving lighting around campus and exploring the possibility of a Night Marshall scheme to both improve student safety and tackle noise issues
  • Pursuing a policy of balanced communities, in the interests of both student and permanent residents

I passionately believe that social inequality and environmental destruction is unacceptable in our society, and to the detriment of all, not just those that experience it directly. I also believe it is avoidable, and I want to be a part of bringing about a more equitable, sustainable and strong community.

My interests include transport, the local economy, and the environment. I have a particular interest in co-operatives and social enterprises: how we can deliver Council services in a more co-operative way as well as make York an attractive location for this high-growth, socially beneficial industry. I am also a Labour-Cooperative Councillor and I work for Social Enterprise Yorkshire and the Humber.

Whether you have an issue big or small, please do get in touch via email. I will also be holding regular surgeries both on-campus and in the village.

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