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Barbara Boyce

Barbara Boyce

Councillor - Heworth

  • I was first elected to the Council at a by-election in September 2009 and then re-elected in 2011. I know that it is a real privilege to represent the people of Heworth Ward, and my Ward colleagues and I do our best to be the human face of local government to our residents.
  • I was born in York and attended Haxby Road Primary School and Mill Mount Grammar School. I am a graduate of the University of Bradford and Sheffield Hallam University. My father was a local bricklayer. Until recently I cared for my mother until she died at age 91.
  • Before becoming a York councillor I had experience of contesting and winning elections. I have been a Labour parliamentary candidate and was successfully elected to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Beverley Town Council before returning to live in York.
  • My political interests are community safety, education, public health and the local economy. Another major interest is animal welfare and I am a trustee of the local RSPCA. I don't really have time for hobbies, but I do enjoy travel, cookery, films, quizzes and talking and listening to other people.


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